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The entirety of the project is along the Zim Smith Trail from the Round Lake trailhead to Coons Crossing Road.  This portion of the trail is closed during construction.

  • The project is broken into two phases
    • Phase 1 is from Round Lake trailhead to English Road
    • Phase 2 is from English Road to Coons Crossing
  • There will be a bypass pipe installed under Curry Road, so the only disruption of traffic will be when the actual work commences installing the bypass pipe and liner.  This will likely be 3-4 days total, likely partial days of traffic control by flaggers needed.  
  • There will be bypass pumps set up by the trail.  They are just about the quietest bypass pump available to not disturb the residents.  Because we are installing bypass pumps there will be ZERO service interruptions.
  • Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2020.  They are currently on schedule
  • Phase 2 is scheduled to be completed by May 2020
  • There will be equipment and an opening on the trail. Please note the trail is closed.  I realize it is easy to walk around barriers to continue your walk, but the county wants to maintain a safe work site.  The contractor should be preparing the site each night and weekend to be as safe as possible but mistakes happen.  Please be diligent about abiding the trail closures for you and your kids' safety.
  • This is an important project on a pipe that serves a large population of the county (100,000+) so we appreciate your patience with this effort.
  • The intent is to contain as many odors as possible during the project, but there will be open excavations of sewer infrastructure.  They inherently do not smell good and are hard to completely cover.  We will do what we can with upstream chemical dosing and other methods, especially over weekends and holidays.

Again we appreciate everyone's patience in this matter.  We hope to be out with new infrastructure serving and traversing through the village in a timely fashion so that it can be viable for another 50 years. – Saratoga County Sewer District